KRYOSHEART live @ Sabbath Café

KRYOSHEART live @ Sabbath Café

Sabbath Café

10 Aprile 2011 - 18:00

Via Piave, 19
Villaganzerla (Vicenza) (Vicenza)

Sto caricando la mappa ....

Durante la serata avremo il piacere di avere  MARCO ANGELO come Very Special Guest!!!!

Ecco le foto della serata:

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La Tracklist del live:

Electric Eye
Doctor Doctor
Black Night
My Sharona
Crazy Train
Born To Be Wild
Crazy Little Thig Called Love
Queen Medley
(I Want It All,
Tie Your Mother Down,
Keep Yourself Alive,
I Want To Break Free,
Another One Bites The Dust,
We Will Rock You,
We Are The Champions)

Smoke On The Water
Another Brick In The Wall
Edge Of Thorns
Take A Look Around
Crimson Tide Deep Blue See
Metallica Medley
(Bass Solo+My Friend Of Misery,
The Four Horsemen,
For Whom the Bell Tolls,
Master of Puppets,
Creeping Death
Rock N’ Roll All Nite

Long Live Rock N’ Roll